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03 Feb

NEPBA and Nolan Perroni win case vindicating Union President – and protecting important union rights

The NEPBA and Nolan | Perroni PC recently won an arbitration case involving an NEPBA Board Member and Local 500 president. The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office had imposed discipline on the union president after he had a discussion with a supervisor involving the assignment of overtime. When the MSO supervisor questioned the union president, the president […]

What is actually in my personnel file? How long do public employers keep records? Request form included below.

HOW LONG DO PUBLIC EMPLOYERS KEEP CERTAIN RECORDS? Municipal employers in Massachusetts generally retain records as per the Commonwealth’s Municipal Retention Schedule – click this link for it:https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ARC/arcpdf/Municipal_Retention_Schedule_20200406.pdf Regarding specifically Police Agencies, two sections of this schedule are significant. First, the personnel records section, common to all municipal departments, is located on p. 23, and […]