NP Wins Vacation Accrual Arbitration for our NEPBA friends in Northern Maine

NP Attorney Peter Perroni got a great arbitration decision recently for NEPBA’s local in Caribou, Maine. The dispute concerned the group’s negotiated 42-hour work week, and the Town’s practice of only paying 40-hours of vacation time per week accrued. Essentially, the arbitrator agreed with the Union’s argument that the Town was short-changing NEPBA’s members by the way they were calculating the vacation accruals. The arbitrator also ruled that this practice was a “continuing violation,” meaning that each week the town short changed an officer, it committed a new contract violation. According, all members were ordered to be made whole back to the date of the grievance.

The decision is attached here.

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NP Wins Vacation Accrual Arbitration for our NEPBA friends in Northern Maine

Reminder: Our golf tournament is our most important fundraiser of the year

Dear Friends:

I am writing to you to ask for your support for this years tournament! It has been almost thirteen (13) years since we lost New England PBA Secretary / Treasurer Andy Ray to heart complications at the age of 44. In his memory, the NEPBA set up the New England Police Benevolent Association Charity Fund (the “Fund”) and put this golf tournament in his name. The Fund derives its money from various fundraisers and this annual golf tournament.

Over the year’s portions of the monies from the Fund has been used to reward deserving High School Seniors interested in Criminal Justice with Scholarships. The Fund has made numerous donations to local law enforcement charities and officers in need throughout New England. The major project of the Fund over the years has been to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C.; the Memorial honors the fallen heroes in our country’s war on crime and terror. Engraved on its marble walls are the names of every American law enforcement officer ever known to have died in the line of duty, including the from Coronavirus 2019. There are now over 23,000 names engraved on the Memorial wall, a powerful reminder of the tremendous debt we owe those who preserve our peace and safety. They shall not be forgotten. To date the Fund has donated over one hundred thousand dollars to the Memorial & Museum.

In order to help the NEPBA Charities to continue with their endeavors, the New England PBA needs your support.

Please join us for the 15th Annual Andrew Ray’s Charitable Golf Tournament on Friday, June 11, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. shotgun at Pease Golf Course in Portsmouth, NH.

If you are interested in playing golf or are unable to play golf but would like to make a donation and/or donate a raffle prize, please complete the attached form. I am pleading to each local to help find at least on hole sponsor.
Thank you in advance for your support! I will be sending out reminder emails from time to time.

Fraternally yours,
Sean R. McArdle
Charity Fund Treasurer

NEPBA Gets a Big Win at the Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board

NEPBA filed a decertification petition last July in an attempt to organize the State of Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs. The Sheriffs are currently represented by AFSCME Council 94.

NEPBA filed the decertification petition and received signed cards from well over the required necessary to call for an election. The Sheriffs contract expired on June 30, 2020.

AFSME filed a legal challenge and claimed that the NEPBA’s decertification petition was not timely because it was not filed during the so-called “open period.”

NEPBA argued that the contract was expired, so the decertification petition was appropriately filed. The State Labor Relations Board found in favor of the NEPBA and decided that an election will occur between the parties.

Former Cranston, RI Union President and retired Police Captain, Attorney Stephen J. Antonucci, from Anthony DeSisto Law Associates, LLC, successfully argued the case on before the State Labor Relations Board on behalf of the NEPBA.

NEPBA Executive Director Jerry Flynn said, “this is a huge victory for our organization as we take the next step toward allowing the Division of Sheriffs to join a real public safety union that can properly represent their interests going forward.”

Flynn further stated, “NEPBA is grateful to State Director Sean McArdle and Attorney Stephen Antonucci for their hard work and efforts on behalf of the RI Sheriffs in getting us to this crucial next step in the process”.