On December 19th, the Vermont Labor Relations Board counted the election ballots for the Castleton Vermont Police bargaining unit and when the counting was done the New England Police Benevolent Association (NEPBA) was elected as the exclusive bargaining unit representative for the Castleton Vermont Police. NEPBA scored a unanimous vote from the local, over America Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).  The members wanted a union that would be able to address the needs of Police Officers. In speaking with some of the officers, they were concerned that AFCME did not provide the expertise that NEPBA had to offer to police officers, and after careful consideration the members took the necessary steps to change unions. We now welcome them as part of the Vermont NEPBA family.

The New England Police Benevolent Association
continues to expand into Vermont as the Castleton Police Unit became the latest
members of the largest and fastest growing law enforcement labor organization
in Vermont.

New England PBAExecutive
Director Jerry Flynn
stated; “We are
proud of our organizing team and their continued record of accomplishment in
the Green Mountain State. Yet, our continued growth in Vermont is predicated on
our ability to deliver quality contracts and by continuing to provide the
stellar legal services for all those we represent, including the Castleton
Police Union.”

New England PBA Vermont State
Director Sean R. McArdle
called the
election, “a great day for the hard working and dedicated members of the
Town of Castleton, who clearly want to be represented by a union who respects
and understands their needs of law enforcement. I congratulate the Castleton Police
Benevolent Association, your passion and devotion for change will now pay off.”

England PBA Executive Vice President Thomas Daly
are extremely proud to be representing the men and women of the Castleton
Police Department
for standing united together as they let their voices be
heard loud and clear through the results of the secret ballot election. Our organization is looking forward to
providing them with the services and representation they so deserve.”