NEPBA Critical Incident Response Team activated in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

On December 27, 2018 approximately 11:30 pm NEPBA was notified of a critical incident request from The Cohasset Police Department via NEPBA’s Critical Incident Response Line. Critical Response Team Coordinator Russ Taylor was alerted that The Cohasset Police Department had a critical incident that required a response from NEPBA’s Critical Response Team.

At about 11: 35 pm Russ Taylor made contact with Cohasset Police officers who apprised Taylor of the situation. At that point, Coordinator Taylor briefed President Marty Conway, Executive Director Flynn and Attorney Peter Perroni of the circumstances regarding the critical Incident request.

At approximately 11:38 pm NEPBA Attorney Peter Perroni made contact with the local President who was on scene. Attorney Perroni was able to ascertain that the incident involved the use of force against a suspect who was actively and violently assaulting a female victim with a sharp object. The suspect, for reasons that are at this point unknown, began to have medical distress and expired while in custody. The victim suffered severe injuries but is expected to survive.

Over the course of the next two plus hours Attorney Perroni guided the local through the process of dealing with the State Police investigators who were on scene and actively attempting to speak with our officers prior to them being able to consult with counsel. After some back and forth and firm assertion of the officer’s rights to the State Police, interviews were scheduled for the next day.

On December 28, 2018 NEPBA Attorney Tom Horgan met with the officer’s involved and attended the interviews with the State Police. All indications are that our members acted heroically and appropriately in the incident.

In Solidarity, 
Bill Ryan 
Executive Secretary