The University of Massachusetts Boston Police Patrolman’s voted unanimously to join the New England Police Benevolent Association (NEPBA) and the University of Massachusetts Boston Police Sergeant’s overwhelmingly elected the New England PBA to also be their exclusive bargaining representative, thus ending their long term relationships with the Teamsters.

Despite the wanton and moronic letter writing campaign by the Teamster’s Local 25 President, the truckers union was soundly defeated, as was their anti-police union rhetoric. The Teamsters threats and campaign of hate continued as they wrote letters to ALL the NEPBA Locals, in a veiled attempt to circumvent NEPBA successful representation of those of us in law enforcement.

Executive Director Jerry Flynn stated, “The NEPBA is unequivocally the fastest and largest growing all-exclusive law enforcement labor union in New England for a reason, we successfully represent our members at the bargaining table, at the state legislature, and in the court of law.”

NEPBA President Marty Conway continued, “Those of us in law enforcement are not intimidated by management, their labor attorney or other unions who simply want to represent law enforcement as an afterthought. We have fought this battle with SEIU, AFSCME and the Teamsters, as well as the AFL-CIO.”

Executive Director Flynn continued, “If you are a Firefighter . . . YOU belong with the IAFF.  If you are a service employee such as a hotel worker . . . YOU belong with SEIU. IF you are a TRUCK DRIVER  . . . YOU belong with the TEAMSTERS!  BUT, IF YOU ARE A LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONAL FROM NEW ENGLAND . . .YOU BELONG WITH THE NEPBA. It’s high time the AFL-CIO and it’s brethren from the CHANGE TO WIN COALITION figured this out!”

NEPBA State Director Sean McArdle & NEPBA Vice President Tom Daly were instrumental in the organizing and campaign to ensure the UMASS Boston Police Union(s) were part of the NEPBA Family, along with UMASS AMHERST POLICE & the UMASS WORCESTER POLICE UNIONS.