Flynn responds to Teamsters

Jerry Flynn’s Response to Teamsters attack on NEPBA

November 14, 2017

Dear Local President(s):

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 25 recently sent a letter to you and our locals in a veiled attempt to circumvent the truth about our organization and to cover-up the truth about their lack of representation. If fact, the real reason behind their propaganda letter and the personal attacks against me, were a direct result of the UMASS Boston Police decertifying from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and filing with the Massachusetts Division of Labor Relations to be represented by the New England Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

Moreover, their representative called me and threatened that if we did not “withdraw our petition” – the Teamsters would go after all our locals, to which I responded “GOOD LUCK!”  I must admit, I also gave this telephone tough guy a few other choice words as he continued his threatening BS.  Perhaps, he is used to dealing with criminals or two-bit hoodlums – but after 33 years in law enforcement, I am NOT going to be intimidated or threatened by a want-to-be-wise guy. As our conversation further digressed, he muttered . . . “it’s in your best interest to work out a deal! I responded here is my deal, “we won’t go after any truck drivers and you don’t go after any cops!” Perhaps, if the Teamsters were as wonderful at representing cops, correction officers, dispatchers and support staff as they so claim, then maybe the UMASS Boston Police wouldn’t be looking to leave them and join the New England PBA.

These are the same old tired attacks utilized by the IBPO/SEIU and the other members of the “Change To Win Coalition” who left the AFL-CIO and came after us in 2005. In fact, this is NOT the first time the Teamsters Local 25 have tried to attempt to falsify our record of achievement and attack our organization with false rhetoric. The NEPBA does NOT utilize your union dues for POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC) because it is illegal to do so and we rely strictly on the voluntary contributions of your members or individual locals.

However, we currently employ four (4) lobbyists and three (3) FULL-TIME State Legislative Directors. We also wrote, lobbied and passed “Michael Briggs Law” – which gives a $100,000 death benefit to all law enforcement offices, EMT’s and firefighters in the State of New Hampshire. We also passed the Heart Bill for Correction Officers in the Massachusetts General Court and got seniority for the DOC Captain’s as members of the New England PBA. I don’t recall ever receiving a letter of support from Teamsters Local 25 President or his telephone tough guy side-kick.

The New England PBA also represents some of the largest police unions and three of the largest Sheriff’s department in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as the fastest growing and largest law enforcement union in the State of Vermont and we recently attended the Vermont Police Convention, where we spoke about the growth and vision of our union to thunderous applauds. We also provided our members in Vermont with stewards training by our attorneys and our experienced law enforcement staff. Ask the Teamsters, when was the last law enforcement training they provided or when they attended a law enforcement conference without a warrant requiring them to appear?

The New England PBA leadership has always prided itself on ensuring that the members of the New England PBA are properly represented and that the members are part of the decision making process of this organization. As the Executive Director, I have been both the face of this organization and the favorite target of those who want to attack us and I understand that goes with the territory  – but I will not allow another labor organization to attack our organization or me personally with lies, innuendo and false rhetoric about an organization they know nothing about.

Truth be told, I have either spoken at your local organizing meeting, represented your local, negotiated your contract, attended your union meeting or have spoken or met with you personally regarding a union related matter or issue and I can assure you that if you have called or emailed me – I have returned your call or emailed you promptly. I have also never missed an executive board or executive committee meeting and have attended numerous functions representing the NEPBA. We have fought hard to make this organization the best in law enforcement and that comes with ensuring the NEPBA has the very best labor attorneys, as well as the best experienced labor representatives. The NEPBA has responded to dozens of Emergency Response calls from locals with officer involved shootings, suicides and m/v accidents. Yet, the TEAMSTERS have refused to respond to this type of situation in both Vermont and New Hampshire and as a result both of these locals are now members of the NEPBA.

Furthermore, as co-chair of the NEPBA Health & Welfare Fund, we have grown from a fund that borrowed $100,000 from the union to initiate the fund to a self-insured fund with the best dental, eye and death benefits of any associated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Today, our dental and vision fund that has over $1M in reserves and the trustees continue to add benefits that will ensure our members and their families will be protected.

More importantly, unlike the TEAMSTER’S we would NOT hire any representative of our organization who are convicted felons or have a criminal record and NO ELECTED MEMBER of our organization has ever been convicted of a crime or been sentenced to prison. Unlike the Teamsters, the NEPBA is run by our members and our quarterly meetings are a testament to our democratic philosophy and we are NOT going to be intimidated or threatened by some truck driver who believes representing police officers is table banging and bringing a BLOW UP RAT to a rally. Those days are over and so are the days of the Teamsters representing UMASS BOSTON POLICE.

As for my family construction company FLYCO, my dad was a bricklayer and I have been doing cement, brick and pavers since I was 12 years old. I have owned this company since 2008 and I work weekends and on my days off and have an experienced foreman and several full-time experienced employees who work every day to support their families. I have done construction and real estate for my entire life even when I was a Lowell Police Officer. Thankfully my dad taught me the importance of a great work ethic and I am blessed with the ability to utilize what he taught me and I have passed that same work ethic on to my three children, including my oldest daughter who is the CFO of a Health Care Company, my son who is also a Police Officer and my youngest daughter who is a Registered Nurse (RN). Perhaps, if this two-bit tough guy had the same work ethic or cared remotely about those he represents then maybe UMASS BOSTON and other Teamster locals wouldn’t be leaving and coming to the New England PBA.

Lastly, IUPE is the civilian arm of the United Federation of Police Officers (UFPO), which I was elected International President on January (2017) and I am proud to say this organization was a founding member of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and continues in this capacity as a member of the Board of Directors and the Law Enforcement Steering Committee, as well as the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO). Of course, the Teamsters are NOT part of any these national law enforcement organizations nor should they be – but perhaps you can find them in the directory of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

FOR THE RECORD: I do NOT receive any compensation as President of UFPO. With respect to the Teamsters inquiry of what International members we represent – the UFPO REPRESENTS 40,000 members of the International Police Federation, European Union, Czech Republic and Col. Michael John is the General Secretary.  Yet, the author of the letter from the Teamsters Local 25 – HAS MADE PLENTY! See attached US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR FORMS. I don’t think you will see the Teamsters Local 25 President complaining about the 1% or holding a 99% sign. But, if the International President of the Teamsters James P. Hoffa has his way – O’Brien may be on the unemployment line!

In closing, please feel free to contact me directly @ or 978-453-2500 regarding any further propaganda information or questions or concerns you may have regarding the benefits of the NEPBA or the Teamsters misinformation. THANK YOU for your continued support and please STAY SAFE!


Jerry Flynn

Jerry Flynn, Executive Director
​New England Police Benevolent Association, INC.


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